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Wheelchair Rental 
Kerusi Roda Sewa

RM10 per day
Book 7 nights free 1 night =RM60 only

*Book Now. Limited Units Available*

Wheelchair Collection only available at Merlene Suites, 57-G-1, Mansion One, Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, 10050, Penang. (Beside Gleaneagle Hospital (GMC))
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  1. Customer to inspect and ensure the equipment is in reasonable good condition when picking up.
  2. Customer to use the equipment with care. User-caused damages shall be the responsibility of customer.
  3. In case of loss during rental period, customer shall pay the full equipment cost at RM200 per wheelchair.
  4. Rental is on term period paid by the customer. Customer shall pay the rates in full and non refundable even if the equipment is returned before the end of the paid period.
  5. Rental payment shall be made within first 3 days of the rental period, otherwise equipment may be pulled back without refund of deposit.
  6. Deposit shall be refunded upon returned of equipment in reasonably good condition. Normal wear and tears acceptable.
  7. Mansion One Suites Sdn Bhd shall not be liable for any incident and injury whether by negligence or otherwise relating to the use of equipment.
  8. The customers indemnifies Mansion One Suites Sdn Bhd against losses or damages incurred during the rentals period.
  9. A refundable deposit RM200 must be paid upon the collection of the wheelchair.
  10. The customers assume all responsibilities for the operation of the wheelchair : Including not exceeding the payload of the wheelchair and/or Carry any other person with the wheelchair than it was designed for.

Copyright © 2023 Design and Developed By Jdee Looi